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As the final step in the application process, we kindly request you to complete the consent form provided below. Please be aware that your application will not be processed unless the consent form is submitted.

A fee waiver of up to 50% is offered to select students who exhibit sincerity, dedication and a genuine interest in learning from Professor Karaikudi S. Subramanian but may face challenges in covering the full fees. Applicants seeking a fee waiver will undergo additional evaluation before their applications are considered. Please be aware that consideration for fee waivers will follow the review of applications from eligible candidates who are paying the full fees

Thank you for your interest.


Please re-enter your name and email, using the same ID as in the previous step.

If you are selected for the Masterclasses, please confirm your consent to the registration fees of 200 USD by selecting one of the following options:
A fee waiver of up to 50% is available to eligible students. Would you be interested in registering at this reduced fee?
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