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Regd: 42701165

For the upliftment of South Asian Arts & Education through Dr Karaikudi S. Subramanian's COMET programme

A Gift of Brhaddhvani to Denmark to the cause of the spread of Karnatak Music as a global seed of music, education and world harmony.

Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian

Mentor, Brhaddhvani Global Centre for Music - Denmark

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Dr Karaikudi S. Subramanian 


Thenuga Thevapalan, Mathuriga Thevapalan, Tusara Balandram & Stefeja Vasantharasan

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Dr Karaikudi S. Subramanian speaks...

My association with Denmark is more than 15 years. I have a special affection for the Sri Lankan community there, which holds high values in Arts and Culture. Ms Krishnapriya S. Gobinesan (now the Chairperson for the dance school, Geethalayam) was just a teenager then, pursuing dance with passion. She is an ardent admirer of Smt. Padma Subramaniam. She came to India in 2004 along with other members of Geethalayam to learn dance from her Guru, Padma Subramaniam and music at Brhaddhvani. When I later visited her in Denmark, I found the photo of Smt Padma Subramaniam, her Guru and my photo in her puja room! I had taught her very little though when she was at Brhaddhvani! This soulful gesture showed the respect she held for Indian culture and the value she held for the Guru-Sishya relationship in art and music. Her passion for this art drove her attempts to pass this on to her own community in Denmark. This is remarkable indeed. 

When I visited her in 2016, she continued to express to me how the Sri Lankan community should get a chance to learn from me through the COMET methodology I have created. She told me that she was willing to help anyone who is interested in making this happen in Denmark. She did her best to start a chapter of Brhaddhvani in Denmark. 

Meanwhile, there were two students of vina Thenuga Thevapalan and Mathuriga Thevapalan, encouraged by her and my workshop in 2016, who showed immense interest in pursuing vina from me. They are another set of passionate music students who shared the dreams of Ms Krishnapriya to bring the values of Brhaddhvani to Denmark. It seemed as though Thenuga & Mathuriga Thevapalan, born in Denmark, were a godsend to make Ms Krishnapriya’s dream come true. BGCM-DK was born in 2017. This is the backdrop of BGCM-DK. 

My promise to the students and teachers of music in Denmark: BGCM-DK will exist as a symbol of quality in music education in Denmark to support, uplift, and help all those who wish to make use of COMET to further their interests in music in Denmark without any distinction, prejudice and preferences.  Everyone will be welcome to join this community of students who are eager to spread the quality and values in music education in Denmark.

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Dr Karaikudi S. Subramanian inaugurates BGCM-Denmark (2017) Holstebro, Denmark 

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We are a youth group in Denmark who are inspired by music and intrigued by its value in Arts, Education and culture thanks to the learnings from Dr Karaikudi Subramanian, a 9th generation veena performer, scholar and an ethnomusicologist. Through his visits to Denmark and by following him with music since 2016, he has opened our minds to the subtleties of Karnatak music and its impact on arts, education and culture through his well designed and time tested Correlated Objective Music and Training (COMET) programme. The action-oriented COMET, while thoroughly traditional in its content, it is contemporary and global in its reach. Dr KSS firmly believes that “music is the key to humanising and harmonising people to contribute to the evolving world societies in order that the humans feel secure within themselves and build confidence to share, interact and create a mutually beneficial new world order”. Inspired by his work ‘Brhaddhvani’ in India for more than a quarter of a century we are keen on contributing to his mission to uplift the quality and standards of Arts education in Denmark among the youth and the very young in their formative years to see a brighter future for the Art lovers and aspirants.

Our prime focus: COMET weds the old and the new in contemporising and building the capacity to harmonise the creative endeavours in music, dance, theatre, language, yoga & culture. To make BGCM-DK richer in its composition of the participating members to help us spread the values in qualitative learning of classical Karnatak music with its richer content of foundation materials, compositions and improvisations to generically encompass the world music styles by introducing the COMET system of education. Through this, we strive to strengthen our connection to the native music communities of Denmark. 

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