Brhaddhvani is a registered non-profit organization with a philanthropic spirit. We vibrate with the philosophy of ‘equity and equality’. Equity is a process while equality is an outcome of that process. “The route to achieving equity will not be accomplished through treating everyone equally. It will be achieved by treating everyone equitably, or justly according to their circumstances” This has to be the underlying norm in transmitting the knowledge and experience of music, too. Our sole purpose, mission and vision is to make music education available to all irrespective of their background. We aspire to bring Carnatic music education to villages and other underprivileged groups of the society with no access to quality music education. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting the dying art of vina craftsmanship. We are grateful to all those who connect with our cause. Your generous support will help us to continue to empower students and artistes in need and perpetuate Carnatic music in its entirety with honesty and integrity.

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