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I am deeply impressed by the new and scientific approach to the great tradition. I pray for even greater achievement for Brhaddhvani. My heartiest congratulations to Sri Karaikudi Subramaniam for his great work.

Pandit Ravi Shankar

Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian’s contribution to music education is a pioneering attempt in music pedagogy. I have used his svarasthana notation in one of my publications on Pallavi singing.

Dr. Sripada Pinakapani

Dr. Sripada Pinakapani
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Karaikudi Subramanian is doing what should be really done to music and education.

Padma Bhusan Lalgudi Jayaraman

Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman

I have been struck by the great emphasis that the system places, not only on the development of various aspects of the students’ musicianship, but also on the re-integration of all these skills into a unified, comprehensive musicianship. By carefully planned stages COMET isolates various dimensions of music making and guides the student through rhythmical exercises, development of voice culture, careful study of ragas and gamakas, and notation exercises, concentrating on one thing at the time, until the student is ready to re-integrate it all into a versatile musicianship, and learn to perform the important works of Karnatak music in an effective and compelling manner. My involvement with Brhaddhvani, Dr. Subramanian and COMET have been very important models for my work.

Eero Hämeenniemi

Composer, musician and writer

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Prof. Eero Hämeenniemi

Dr. KSS’ deconstruction of the values and realities of the gurukula system is so prescient. Dr. KSS’ approach seems to weave a beautiful contemporary approach and understanding through the pluses and minuses of both gurukula and institutional systems, a rare feat indeed! Passing on the means to skillful learning in music (or any art) is spiritual work of the highest order in my opinion.

Prof. David Roche


Prof. David Roche

I am very convinced of COMET’s effectiveness for an extremely wide range of purposes. The core of COMET as described by its title is correlation – it drives together elements across various kinds of music and unites different music traditions … The COMET program’s main strength is its holism. It incorporates understanding music and its parameters of connecting music to other aspects of your life such as your maintenance of your body, mind and spirit through yoga and meditation and through connecting your music making in one genre with another. While of course Carnatic music and the Western traditions are different, COMET provides enough crossover that one can be informative and enriching for the other in really surprising and unimaginative ways.

Michael Schachter

Pianist, scholar & composer

Michael Schachter

COMET is the ideal framework for the meeting of like minds across artistic, cultural, and intellectual boundaries. COMET is a guided path, informed by values that encourage the cultivation of a deeper humanity, through liberation of the student’s ability for heightened artistic expression. All this is done by identifying, discovering, and strengthening one’s awareness of his or her inner principle musical foundation, the most important instrumental of all – the voice – both within and without.

Woody Louis Armstrong Shaw III 

Jazz musician

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Woody Shaw III

COMET, as I see it, is based on modern insights into the psychology of creative processes and music making, on a thorough reflection of the fundamentals of Indian music and raga structures, an intelligent way of using notations and graphic tools, and a carefully designed syllabus to lead students from the very beginnings to higher performance levels. And, COMET works. I was amazed to see on several occasions how even foreigners, who had had little exposure to the Carnatic idiom, were able to grasp complicated melodic structures in short time, and to perform them correctly.

Prof. Hans Neuhoff

Cologne University of Music and Dance

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Prof. Hans Neuhoff
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