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The real strength and the practical value to Brhaddhvani’s music education lies in the application of the pedagogy for diverse types of students by those who participated and contributed to the research, experiments and teaching in music. Even greater value in music education at Brhaddhvani is coming through the adaption of technology in teaching and learning.

Since its inception, Brhaddhvani has explored ways to blend music, technology and education in order to facilitate "learning to learn" and to meet the demands of growing studentship across the world. Through the adaption of technology, Brhaddhvani's scope of qualitative reach to a wider section of the global community has considerably increased. The teaching and learning rely on a proven methodology strongly supported by technology. The highlights of our efforts in music education is the integration of the creative tools of Dr. Srikumar K. Subramanian, 'Tala Keeper' and the state of the art online platform 'Patantara', which brings solutions to the various problems of institutional music education in reaching out to everyone. The combinations of these technological tools more than adequately complement the languishing ancient Gurukulam method.

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