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The true strength and practical value of Brhaddhvani's music education lie in its application of pedagogy to diverse types of students, thanks to the collective participation and contributions of those involved in the research, experiments and teaching of music. An even greater value is added to music education at Brhaddhvani through the incorporation of technology in the teaching and learning processes.

Since its establishment, Brhaddhvani has continuously explored ways to blend music, technology and education, aiming to facilitate "learning to learn" and address the growing number of students worldwide. By adapting technology, Brhaddhvani has significantly expanded its qualitative reach to a broader global community. The teaching and learning methods heavily rely on a proven methodology strongly supported by technology.

Two notable achievements in music education at Brhaddhvani are the integration of Dr. Srikumar K. Subramanian's creative tools, namely the app 'Tala Keeper,' and the state-of-the-art online platform 'Patantara.' These technological tools provide solutions to various challenges faced in institutional music education, making it accessible to everyone. The combination of these technological advancements adequately complements the traditional Gurukulam method, creating a comprehensive and enriched learning experience for all students.

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