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COMET Workshop

14 Jul 2023

Brhaddhvani is happy to announce COMET-workshop with Prof. Karaikudi S. Subramanian.

Here is an opportunity for a perspective-change by opening an effective toolbox to unravel the treasure, Karnatak music, in a methodical way, straight from the maestro who created the methodology known as COMET in the early 90s. You might have learned Karnatak music - be a performer or a beginner; maybe you have lost the boat in your early childhood; or you might feel you are not yet there although you know so much – you have learned from brilliant performers and teachers and attended many workshops by renowned maestros, but something is evading you. If you haven't mastered the three fundamental principles "shruti-sthana-laya", you will ever be on the middle ground. 


The workshop addresses...

  1. Common misconceptions in learning Karnatak music (vocal and instrumental).

  2. The challenges in learning in the contemporary context through online platforms as opposed to the traditional gurukula.

  3. How to start, where to start and when to start: the demands on time for learning and practice.

  4. How to develop a robust foundation to start to learn.

  5. How to use the voice and the instrument as complementary elements in learning.

  6. The role of vina in learning.

  7. Approaches towards self-learning.

  8. The ultimate purpose in learning to learn.

What will be the take-aways?

  1. Methods to learn to perfect sruti and laya.

  2. COMET principles through both simple and more intricate exercises.

  3. Learning to adopt a creative teacher,, to help you practice.

  4. Learning a song with all its complementary principles in perfecting it.

  5. Vedic chant as meditation on the creative energies and mind discipline through breath, time, tone and rhythms.

Please follow the link to know more: COMET Workshop 2023

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