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Dr. S. Ramaratnam visits the USA

7 Aug 2023

Dr. Ramaratnam is a distinguished multilingual scholar with a specialization in Sanskrit literature. He is currently serving as the Vice Chancellor of Jagadguru Kripalu University in Odisha. He previously worked in a similar capacity at Sri Sri University for a duration of two years. With experience as the Director of a Management Institute and as Principal of Colleges, notably Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College in Chennai, he has over 40 years of expertise in the academic realm. His academic achievements encompass five Postgraduate degrees, four Undergraduate degrees, ten Diplomas, a D.Litt., and two Ph.D. degrees. 

Dr. Ramaratnam's academic journey has encompassed diverse subjects and languages, including Indian music, dance, dramaturgy, philosophy, psychology, educational methodologies, and management. His remarkable achievements have earned him numerous awards and honorary titles, including the prestigious Bharata Kala Nipuna. He has earned the distinction of presiding over sessions at International Conferences in countries such as Germany, Austria, Australia, the USA, and several others. Additionally, he held positions as a Visiting Professor at Oxford University, as well as at the University of Mauritius, in addition to several universities in India. Following his tenure as a principal at Vivekananda College, he has authored books on Indian music and dance drama.


Dr. Ramaratnam's natural appetite for learning and academics has led him to head institutions even after his retirement. It is our privilege that he was the Director of Culture at Brhaddhvani - Research & Training Centre for Musics of the World. His continued pursuit of learning and exploration extends beyond the ken of the normal!

Dr. S. Ramatnam will be visiting the United States (primarily California) from the 11th to the 22nd of September. This visit presents a significant opportunity for organizations seeking to benefit from his wealth of knowledge.


For those interested in benefiting from his expertise, Dr. Ramaratnam is available to deliver talks on suggested topics or participate in events. He can be reached at mobile: +91 9080485506 or via email at Further information about his work can be found at

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