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Inauguration of Outreach Centre

26 Oct 2023

On October 24, 2023, Brhaddhvani inaugurated a significant cultural and educational initiative in Mannachanullur, a village located in Tiruchirappalli, South India. "Chitra Sukiram - Outreach Centre for Education through Music", founded in the memory of the prominent merchant G. Sukiram, is dedicated to advancing education through music within the local community and its surrounding areas.


Additionally, a primary mission of the center is to reinforce Brhaddhvani's dedication to supporting artisans and preserving the fading art of vina and tambur craftsmanship.


Despite facing challenges such as the 2015 Chennai deluge and the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative was born from the community's commitment to providing educational opportunities for children who lacked access to classical music. The local merchant community played a vital role in realizing this vision, recognizing the importance of music education in shaping their children's futures and preserving their cultural heritage.


Furthermore, the center's proximity to music colleges and heritage centers in nearby cities emphasized the need for nurturing a new generation of music educators and heritage scholars.


In an effort to secure a brighter future for their children and the community, Mrs. Chitra Sukiram, the wife of G. Sukiram, established the "Chitra Sukiram - Outreach Centre for Education Through Music" in collaboration with Brhaddhvani. This initiative provides vital support for music and education in the region.

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