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Visit to Doha

1 Dec 2023

Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian's recent visit to Doha brings good news! The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC), under the aegis of the Indian Embassy in Doha, Qatar, invited Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian as the Guest of Honour for their Children's Day celebration. Opening with the timeless wisdom encapsulated in Wordsworth's quote, "Child is Father of the Man," Dr. KSS connected with the audience by presenting Subramania Bharathi's poem, "Odivilayaadu Paappa," set to tune by Dr. KSS himself.

The following day featured a veena solo performance at ICC, with Thenuga Thevapalan and Mathuriga Thevapalan joining their guru, and Santoshini Raja offering the prayer song before the performance. Although it was just the three veenas together without any accompaniment, it made a significant impact on the audience, which consisted of dignitaries from embassies: His Excellency Gautam Bhattacharya (Ambassador of Sweden), Dr. Vaibhav A. Tandale (First Secretary, Head of Chancery/Labor and Community Welfare, Embassy of India, Doha), Mr. A P Manikantan (President, ICC), Mr. Subamanya Hebbagelu (Vice President, ICC), and Mr. Mohan Kumar Duraisamy (General Secretary, ICC). Ms. Suma Mahesh (Head of Cultural Activities, ICC) anchored the event. It was an experience of the pure acoustic sounds of the veenas, and the repertoire consisted of select classical composers.

Dr. KSS's visit also involved engagements with Indian schools, offering local young children valuable insight into Karnatak music through the COMET methodology. We extend our gratitude to the principals and teachers for their enthusiastic support, as well as to our friends Raja Gopalakrishnan and Hemalathaa Subramanian for their warm hospitality and generous support throughout the visit.

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