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"A special note on" - South Indian Music Learning Series (Vol. 3)

Get into the process of ‘learning to self-learn’ by diligently using This series is meant to help and guide the music learners. 'Learning to learn' has to be the ideal for one who is passionate about learning music or in fact, anything.

We need more concerned individuals and institutions purely dedicated to imparting the required knowledge and experience of Karnāṭak music! This music contains in itself the hidden treasures to give all what you need for your mental, physical, cultural and spiritual well-being and to make you feel youthful and energetic all through your life. This is why it is imperative that it should reach a larger section of our society to make it vibrate happiness.

One, on one’s own accord, may desire to learn this art from childhood or through inspiration at any age, listening to the performance of prodigious performers. But in acquiring the required skills and sensitivities the inquisitive students face immense hurdles. There are teachers and performers who teach at one stage or another. But not many, neither the teachers nor the students are willing to dedicate to this cause. What we need are the dedicated ones who love to teach with sufficient experience in performance and teaching.

Brhaddhvani came into existence (1989) with such a desire to nurture dedicated students and teachers who would give their best to their students through a sound researched system for a strong foundation as prescribed by greatest masters of this art. Without such a foundation whatever we happen to learn from anyone would only be husk and not the kernel.

When the truth about how to systematically learn music is revealed very early, every student is sure to become musically sensitive and acquire the capacity to explore this unfathomed ocean of jewels!

Brhaddhvani is known for its pioneering educational concept "COMET” with respect to quality and objectivity in learning Karnāṭak music within a broader spectrum of world music. Prestigious scholars and Universities around the globe have recognized this.

The 32 years of Brhaddhvani's search for a holistic and quality teaching of Karnāṭak music has now reached its zenith in the creation of by Dr. Srikumar Subramanian.

By using Patantara with the full understanding of the purpose it serves, every budding student will be a budding seasoned teacher using all the services it provides from the proper notation, its verifiability through the precision recordings accompanying the notation, the transferability in terms of pitch and speed, a ‘model perfectionist at home’ to guide and monitor the disciples during their practice, and finally, an ‘imaginary teacher’ with whom one can create a ‘musical dialogue’.

‘Patantara’ helps build the capacity of a student to play well, comparatively faster, irrespective of age and level of competency from when s/he started to learn.

Here is an example of two kids who diligently use Patantara for their practice and learning in the midst of their school activities with very minimal learning and practice hours:


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