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"The Role of Music in Human Life" - Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Swamiji’s words for Brhaddhvani’s 7th anniversary celebrations.

Love resolves contentious division. But to discover love without condition is beyond the reach of the average survivor-ego in this highly competitive society. Without the experience of such love there is nothing worthwhile in life to accomplish. Then how can a human being survive with hope? I think it is the magic of music that makes the person experience the contention - free connectedness to the whole.

Music cuts across all the barriers set up by the survivor-ego. The musical notes and the forms created by them have nothing to do with class, culture, age and gender. In the Vedic vision, all that is here is the manifestation of Isvara. The order that we see in the world of sound, like any other order, is Isvara. When one is exposed to music, one is in harmony with Isvara. There is joy, there is love. The contentious ego resolves into the experience of Isvara whether one recognises as such.

Music is not a healing balm or a pursuit of diversion. It evokes the unhurt, invulnerable, simple person that every ego has as it’s self. Music puts one in touch with this unhurt self, free from fear and guilt. Of course, without spiritual maturity and enlightenment, one doesn’t have any means except music to discover the most desirable self in oneself. I see music as a blessing of Isvara for the self conscious, self judgmental human being to survive and experience for the time being, the reality of the oneness with the total, the Lord, without having any qualification for it. I think that is what a blessing is.


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