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Woody Shaw III on COMET pedagogy

COMET is the ideal framework for the meeting of like minds across artistic, cultural, and intellectual boundaries. What we have is an organic model truly suited to the growth of the individual and to the development of his or her personal talents and interests.

Meanwhile, all that might otherwise be lost in the absence of proper guidance or through systematic development of one’s own creative abilities are, instead, harnessed to perfection through a grounding and reorientation in the true essence of tradition; a system which by its very nature is – (to quote the great composer Duke Ellington in reference to legendary jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams) – “perpetually contemporary.”

COMET is the true meaning of FREEDOM, or perhaps an ideal route thereto. It is a guided path, informed by values that encourage the cultivation of a deeper humanity, through liberation of the student’s ability for heightened artistic expression. All this is done by identifying, discovering, and strengthening one’s awareness of his or her inner principle musical foundation, the most important instrumental of all – the voice – both within and without.

Jazz, and other worlds of improvised music based in cultural tradition, being vehicles of individualized self-expression within a globalizing age, will undoubtedly benefit from the tools of analysis, research, experimentation and self-actualization offered through the innovative COMET system. Jazz musicians of the west are likely to favor greatly from a deeper, more personal, and perhaps spiritual, understanding of the nature of sound and its various incarnations of pitch, rhythm, scale, tone, melody, as mastered and developed within the Karaikudi pedagogical ethos of music.

COMET and Jazz alike reveal to us, through dedication and proper application, the boundlessness of our creativity as human beings. Thus we are at the right time, both in the world of music and as fellow inhabitants of this planet, for a celebrated union of the two. Both COMET and jazz seek to provide a means for the expression of the higher self, through a deeper, more spontaneous understanding of who we truly are and what it means to be human. As we know, this can only be achieved by living in the moment.

COMET and jazz, alike, are mediums of the now. To quote Charlie “Bird” Parker, the late saxophonist and creator of Bebop (Modern Jazz): “Now’s the Time.”

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