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Footprint on the Sands of Time (2/3)

Kuttalam ‘Mrdangaccudaroli’ S. Sivavadivel Pillai

A summary of the tributes to the mrdanga Vidwan

Publishers: Disciples of the ‘Mrdangaccudaroli’ 

Press: Sri Gambhira Vinayakar, Kuttalam, 1956 

Language: Tamil

குத்தாலம் “மிருதங்கச் சுடரொளி” எஸ். சிவவடிவேல் பிள்ளை அவர்கள் நினைவு மலர் வெளியிட்டோர்: மிருதங்கச் சுடரொளியின் சிஷ்யர்கள்

பதிப்பித்தது: ஸ்ரீ கம்பீர வினாயகர் பிரஸ், குத்தாலம்; 1956

Konnakkol Vaidyalingam Pillai’s writes:

“I met him in 1935 at Pondicheri to perform together for Cittoor Subrammanya Pillai. He is very well known in mrdangam playing. But for that concert he played on the Kanjira and proved himself equally skillful. We started playing together for Cittoor in concerts. In addition he also palyed Dolak very well. He is an expert in Laya, on the whole. He had no fear in his profession.
He is devoted to Arunagirinathar. As a proof there is a mutt for Arunagirinathar built next to his home. He is fond of humor. His father Konnakkol Pakriyapillai was fond of him. It is no exaggeration to say that he was a pillar to the Isai Velalar community.”

Unfortunately, there is not much information on Sri Konnakkol Vaidyalingam Pillai. If you have some, you may share it in the comment section.


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