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The Phenomenon Lalgudi (2/2) - Kātrellām Eṅgaḷ Isaiyākaṭṭum

Music is the silken thread, that weaves around almost everything in life, as an Art. When the music weds words, the feelings become poetry. Every art form blooms in the musical climate. My dream was to bring all different artistes in one global music space and to make them interact freely. ‘Music for everyone’ was my favorite idea. This thought strengthened and gained momentum in the nineties. Many great artistes gathered frequently in this creative space, Brhaddhvani. Although a very small space, it reverberated with all different kinds of musical sounds, of the world-renowned musicians, dancers, theatre artistes, sculptors, painters, linguists, scholars and poets. It was a dream space indeed.

I invited the Tamil poet Sri Vaidheeswaran sir to come into this space to experience the music, for his creative work. I also requested him to give me a poem on the vision of Brhaddhvani as he experienced here. He brought several poems, which he says are remarkable for their musical flavor. The song he composed on the vision of Brhaddhvani, ‘kātrellām eṅgaḷ isaiyākaṭṭum’ was the real gift of Sri Vaidheeswaran sir to Brhaddhvani. I requested Lalgudi sir to set music to it. He asked me to come home the next day to collect it. I went there. He sang the song in Ragamalika - Bahudari, Hamsanadam and Abhogi. I recorded it. He handed over the paper to me on which I had written the poem. He looked at me and smiled. I was dumbfounded. Such simplicity and directness of the characteristics of the ragas as if he had painted with a few characteristic strokes. Sri Vaidheeswaran’s poem began flying with the ‘wings of poesy’ set by the magical touch of Lalgudi sir. I present ‘Kaatrellaam’ as part of Lalgudi Sri G. Jayaraman’s 90th birth anniversary celebrations and dedicate it to the Tamil poet Sri Vaidheeswaran on his 85th birthday.

Long live Sri Vaidheeswaran!


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