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Poem by Sri Vaidheeswaran Sundaram 

Tuned by Lalgudi Sri G. Jayaraman 

Let the wind be our music

Let life be its language

Let the flowers be our ears

Let the sky be the space of 'sweet sound'

Let light reveal new direction

Let the whole world be our city

Let words speak the sound of truth

Let our deeds spread welfare to people

Let our past be of golden dreams

Let there be new blossom filling our hearts

Let the universe be our harp

Let all the arts be the fingers that pluck

Vocal: Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian, Srikumar S. Subramanian, Hamsa Raghuvir & Nirupama Raghuvir  

Veena: Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian, Thenuga Thevapalan & Mathuriga Thevapalan


We can help

If you think you need help in making a choice in where to start learning music to move towards excellence, we have the proven ways. We focus on generating your best musicianship which will last a lifetime, rather than on speed of learning or quickly going on stage. When you spot the musicality in your child, or seek to learn music as an adult, the person needs to be nurtured slowly and effectively. We emphasise a thorough foundation in the fundamentals of music. We combine an objective, analytical approach to understand your strengths, with a caring mind and heart to instil music in a student in a way that is suitable to the individual’s requirements. Our objective method, COMET, is a wonderful resource to teach both a child prodigy and a typical child – we work step by step with everyone on basics, taking care to uncover strengths so they learn without boredom. Practice (sadhana) is very important. We think it is more important to foster the student’s creativity, so that as you understand musical concepts, you explore and create your own niche in the vast space of music. The discipline we teach you or your child in learning music will serve you in any other learning endeavour.


If you think...

“I want to learn music, but I don’t think I have that gift.” You are mistaken. Brhaddhvani was created to make you understand you too have that gift. We as a team have the will, patience, tools, expertise and dedication to reveal to you step by step the gift that is hidden in you. We will help you uncover it. We believe that if you can make a sound you can make music. We believe that if you can speak any language you can sing. When speech is decorated it becomes song. You will be able to decorate when you realise the "sound within". Once you realise, you will start your journey in the realms of music. Become strong willed to learn music. Without fanfares you will grow in the wisdom to pursue the divine in you. Your notions about music will go through a sea change through our developed method COMET.



Brhaddhvani announces the starting of a centre for primary education through music at  Tiruchirappalli to sensitise children to the values in music for education. The broader objectives of this new venture are:

  1. To bring the value of music in education in the districts and villages in and around Tiruchirappalli

  2. To benefit the music educational institutions in empowering music professionals towards sustainable self-employment

  3. To rejuvenate vina and tambur craftsmen who are a dwindling clan


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Note: The Brhaddhvani office in 3rd Street East Abhiramapuram, Mylapore is now closed.